Data and Research

Citing SFM

The recommended citation for Social Feed Manager (i.e., the software) is:

George Washington University Libraries. (2016). Social Feed Manager. Zenodo.

See our guidance on citing SFM and datasets.


Selected datasets collected by GWU are available via TweetSets for research and archiving purposes.

TweetSets allows users to choose an existing dataset; limit the dataset by querying on keywords, hashtags, and other parameters; and generate and download dataset derivatives such as the list of tweet ids and mention nodes/edges. TweetSets is for academic purposes only and conforms to Twitter’s policies.

Published datasets

Datasets of tweet identifiers from GWU-collected datasets are available at GW Libraries Dataverse.

Guidelines and resources on social media archiving

Research using Social Feed Manager

GW faculty, students, and researchers have used data collected with Social Feed Manager in published research. Examples include:

Presentations by the project team