Social Feed Manager is open source software that harvests social media data and web resources from Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Sina Weibo. It empowers researchers, faculty, students, and archivists to define and create collections of social media data. By running Social Feed Manager on behalf of their communities, cultural heritage and research organizations can provide an innovative service. Members of the GW community who wish to collect social media data will find more information at GW Libraries.

For more information see Overview of Social Feed Manager and the documentation.

Latest Posts

A Peek at 251,077,140 #election2016 tweets

With the tweets from the 2016 U.S. presidential election collection now added to TweetSets, we take a look at the top tweeters, mentions, hashtags, and URLs.

Announcing SFM Version 1.9

On the eve of the one year anniversary of version 1.0, the SFM team released version 1.9.

Iranian Election 2017

Middle East & North Africa Librarian Amanda Hannoosh Steinberg shares her experiences creating curated research collections for Middle East Studies, includin...

Announcing SFM Version 1.8

In version 1.8 of Social Feed Manager, we treated ourselves to a handful of enhancements and fixes.

Collecting by Geographic Location

SFM provides the opportunity to collect useful metadata about the geographic location of tweets provided by the Twitter API.

Faculty Research Salon

On March 28, two dozen George Washington University faculty gathered over lunch to discuss social media research.

On Extended Tweets

This post describes the impact of recent changes made by Twitter to allow extended tweets on the REST and Streaming APIs.

Announcing SFM Version 1.6

In between GW’s spring break and late season snow storm, we squeaked in version 1.6 of Social Feed Manager.

Announcing SFM Version 1.2

The SFM team has overcome the confluence of a series of conferences, vacations, holidays, nasty colds, and other deadlines to get version 1.2 wrapped up.

Announcing SFM Version 1.1

In between summer vacations and public transit hurdles, we've cranked out release version 1.1 of Social Feed Manager.

Announcing SFM Version 1.0

We're pleased to release version 1.0 of Social Feed Manager, which includes the functionality to select, create, manage, and explore social media collections.


It is heartbreaking that our first use of SFM to capture a breaking event was for the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub. My thoughts go out to the families, t...

Weibo API Guide

This is a guide for programmers and researchers who intend to use Weibo's API. Since the current official documentation hasn't been updated for a long time, ...

Social Media Harvesting Techniques

Social Feed Manager (SFM) is a tool developed by the Scholarly Technology Group for harvesting social media to support research and build archives. As part o...

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