Announcing SFM Version 1.1

In between summer vacations and public transit hurdles, we’ve cranked out release version 1.1 of Social Feed Manager.

While a number of changes were made in this release, three in particular are worth drawing your attention to:

  • Added support for harvesting and exporting Tumblr. For those of you keeping count, this is the final social media platform called for by our grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. (Sidenote: SFM is made to be extensible for other social media platforms. If you have interest in adding an additional platform, let’s talk.)
  • Significant performance improvements to extracting social media data from WARCs. (By significant, I mean 10X. You’ll be thankful when you’re processing millions of tweets.)
  • Significant refactoring to Docker configuration. This will make deployments easier, with most configuration performed in a .env properties file. Documentation for both production deployment and development has been updated to reflect the changes. (Not familiar with Docker? No problem. We’ve tried to write the documentation for Docker newbies. Let us know where it needs more work.)

Thanks to Jason Casden (NCSU Libraries) for useful feedback on our deployment process. And the performance improvement work stemmed from our participation in Archives Unleashed 2.0 early in the summer.

Here’s some additional links for this release:

And for SFM in general:

Questions and feedback are welcome @SocialFeedMgr or

Now back to work on SFM 1.2.