Announcing SFM Version 1.3

SFM 1.3 debuts collection set / collection portability. This allows collection sets / collections to be moved between instances of SFM or to other environments (such as a repository) while keeping all data and metadata intact. You can read more about it in this blog post or in the portability documentation. Note that we discovered a last minute defect and had to disable scheduled serialization of database records as documented in this ticket. The ticket also contains a work-around.

This release also features enhancements to the monitoring of SFM. The new Monitoring page provides insight into what the harvesters and exporters are working on:

Monitor harvests

It will also show the length of queues:

Monitor queues

(Hint: Shorter is better.)

Also, SFM now keeps an eye on the availability of free space and will notify your SFM administrator when it is running out. (Yes, we were burned by this one too many times.)

Lastly, I want to point out one additional feature that came from a user request:

Schedule options

A harvest can now be set to run only once.

Full release notes for version 1.3 are available here.