Announcing SFM Version 1.8

In version 1.8 of SFM, we treated ourselves to a handful of enhancements and fixes.

First, it is now possible to download a list of seeds from the collection detail page. No more cutting and pasting and cleanup!

Download seed list

Second, harvest status emails have been enhanced to report “N/A” when there were no harvests in a time period instead of “0” (though “0” is still reported when there were harvests during that time period, but no items were collected). In addition, relative (friendly) dates are provided for last harvest and next harvest in addition to the absolute dates. Seems minor, but when you’re monitoring dozens of collections, this significantly reduces the cognitive load.

Harvest status email

And lastly, we’ve made enhancements to how Twitter sample and filter streams are stopped. This has been a problematic area, but these changes should make these sorts of harvests stop faster and more cleanly, especially when shutting down SFM.

Development under our grant is winding down, so if you have any last minute requests, please contact us. You can also comment or add a thumbs up to an issue in our backlog.