Announcing SFM Version 1.11

Based on our experience working with researchers and building our own collections, we rolled a pair of enhancements (along with some bug fixes) into version 1.11.0.

You can now enable sharing of a collection.

Sharing setting

Once shared, a collection will be available to all SFM users for viewing and export. Other users cannot make a change to a collection (i.e., it is read-only). This was motivated by wanting to make it as easy as possible to share with other SFM users the collections that we proactively built.

Just to be clear, the collections are only shared with other users of your SFM instance. So, in our case, it allows us to share with George Washington University SFM users.

Shared collections

The second change is to allow adding, deleting, or updating seeds for most collection without having to turn off the collection first. This is especially useful for the collections that contain large number of user timelines that are always changing. (Because of the nature of streams, Twitter filter collections must still be turned off before changing.)

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