Announcing SFM Version 2.4

SFM version 2.4 is out with updates that will be particularly helpful for organizations wanting to host sensitive data such as collections, the Postgres database, or other any SFM data remotely on mounted drives. Thank you to Sven Lieber and the team at BeSocial for the code to implement this. Because this change splits the /sfm-data directory into separate root directories, there are required configuration changes, whether or not your instance is remotely storing data.

Important for existing SFM instances: The required steps to re-configure an existing SFM instance are described in the sfm-docker Version 2.4.0 release notes. SFM can still store everything in a single directory, following the past default.

This release also includes bug fixes, dependency updates, and upgrades the version of Twarc so that CSV exports contain the full text of retweets. More detail about these changes and more in the sfm-ui 2.4.0 release notes. General upgrading instructions for SFM instance are described in the SFM documentation.

Next up for the team will be maintenance updates and looking ahead to the new versions of Twitter’s APIs.